Businesses and Individuals are subject to a variety of taxes including Income Tax, Corporation Tax and Capital Gains Tax. We provide both compliance services and tax planning advice.

Personal Tax

  • Preparation and submission of Income Tax Returns

  • Capital Gains Tax Returns and Planning

  • Personal Tax and Retirement Planning

  • Succession Planning

Corporate Tax

  • Preparation and submission of Company Tax Returns

  • Share Valuations

  • Revenue Incentive Schemes

  • Preparation and filing of PAYE and VAT Returns

Tax Compliance

Increasingly, the Revenue Authorities are enforcing strict adherence to deadlines and are applying severe interest and penalties if tax is found to be underpaid. We have 'Deadline Management' software in place to ensure that you are aware, in ample time, of the various filing dates for all taxes.

When reviewing accounts and tax returns, we endeavour to suggest solutions to tax issues and discuss these with you in order to maximise the tax reliefs available.

Revenue Audit

The Revenue Authorities may at any time undertake a Revenue Audit. If selected, we can:

  • Review your books and records before the audit begins

  • Attend the audit and deal with the Inspector on your behalf

  • Negotiate with the Inspector

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